21 percent of Super Bowl LIII viewers were forecast to watch the game this year, compared with 8.1 percent a year earlier, according to programmatic ad platform Adtaxi.

Other findings:

68% of viewers will simultaneously use another media platform to engage with Super Bowl-related content while watching. Most of them (78%) will use social media, while 30% will use group chats, 28% will visit sports websites and 15% will turn to online forums.

53% of viewers are most looking forward to the game itself, while 27% are looking forward to the commercials; 20% are most eager to watch the halftime show.

Cutting the Cord: 61% of Americans would not miss cable television if forced to give it up forever. In addition, 64% of cable subscribers have plans, at some point, to cancel their subscription in favor of streaming content digitally; 41% say they will do so within the next year

Reasons to Stream: 60% of those moving away from traditional cable in favor of streaming say their reason is to save money. Meanwhile, 43% want to watch on their own schedule, 43% like the option of binge watching, 36% want to avoid traditional TV commercials, and 27% prefer the content options on streaming platforms

Platform Popularity: Netflix is the most popular streaming platform (76%), followed by Amazon Prime Video (58%), Hulu (41%), YouTube TV (25%) and HBO Now (16%)

Device Popularity: Smartphones/mobile devices are the most popular way to stream (68%), followed by streaming devices connected to the TV, such as the Roku (60%), laptops (48%) and tablets/iPads (36%).

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Sirius XM has about 28.5 million self-pay subscribers and Pandora has 6.8 million paying subscribers, compared with 87 million for Spotify and about 45 million for Apple Music.

National Public Radio was the top podcast publisher with 41 active shows and a unique monthly audience of 16.4 million in September, according to researcher Podtrac.