The 2018 Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal caused lasting worries about user data: 74 percent of consumers surveyed said the Cambridge Analytica scandal made them concerned about how their information is used, according to text marketing platform SlickText.

  • Customers are scared away by poor privacy practices: 94 percent of consumers surveyed are unlikely to do business with a company if they have concerns about their privacy practices.
  • Consumers don’t like knowing they’re targeted by brands: 77 percent of consumers surveyed said when they notice online targeted ads it makes them uncomfortable.
  • Brands need to do a better job of finding communication channels: 80 percent of consumers surveyed said brands contact them in ways they find inappropriate.
  • Watch those unsubscribes: 52 percent of those surveyed said in the last year concerns about privacy have motivated them to unsubscribe from email newsletters.
Brands Earned Media Value Number of Likes 
NFL $3,117,468         11,083,875
Pepsi $104,888               218,627
Doritos $102,120               439,887
Marvel $69,686               201,787
Mercedes-Benz $64,532               192,850
Olay $59,209               287,937
Bud Light $35,466                 84,064
Budweiser $23,742                 50,648
Amazon $19,771                 60,196
Michelob Ultra $19,130                 52,311
Grand Total $3,616,012         12,672,182

Source: InfluencerDB

InfluencerDB analyzed all posts from channels with more than 15,000 followers from Jan. 28 to Feb. 4, 2019, that mentioned a brand or used a brand hashtag — in addition to using at least one of the hashtags associated with the Super Bowl. Earned Media Value (EMV) is the value of the exposure of the posts mentioning an Instagram channel if that channel bought the same amount of advertising exposure.

Instagram-influenced purchases rose 91% in 2018 from a year earlier, but Facebook is the market leader, influencing 6x more purchases in 2018, according to adtech firm StitcherAds.

  • Retailers spent 47% more on Facebook & Instagram holiday campaigns in 2018 from the prior year.
  • Retailers saw a 14% increase in Facebook-attributed in-store sales from a year earlier.
  • Over the holiday season, 2.7x more purchases occurred on mobile devices vs. desktop.
  • Cost per click declined about 10% from a year earlier.
  • CPM fell 17% from a year earlier.