Acura takes Facebook Instant Games for a spin

“ILX Total Control” takes drivers on a 360-degree virtual drive that responds to the motions of a smartphone. Read more…

Source: Acura

Acura’s ILX was among its models to show a decline in American sales last year as car buyers continued to show a preference for various SUV models. The ILX’s sales fell 4.1% to 11,273 units in 2018 from the prior year, while the Acura division’s overall sales rose 2.8%. Acura saw the strongest growth from RLX/RL sedans, up 56% to 1,931 units, and its RDX crossover, up 24% to 63,580 units, according to Honda. The U.S. automotive industry saw an 8% gain in truck and SUV sales to 11,786,069 units, while passenger car sales slumped 13% to 5,488,181 units in 2018, according to MarkLines.

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