Drizly: Liquor stores benefit from e-commerce platform

Fifty percent of respondents who had transacted on the Drizly platform said that they had purchased from an order-fulfilling retailer for the first time. Moreover, 64 percent of those first-time customers said that they had subsequently shopped, or would strongly consider shopping, at the retailer’s physical location after their initial purchase through Drizly, whose network encompasses nearly 1,000 retail locations in the United States and Canada, according to a statement.

Key findings from the survey of about 4,000 Drizly users in October:

  • 50%: consumers reported shopping at a retailer for the first time through the Drizly platform
  • 64%: first-time shoppers of a retailer through Drizly said they would consider shopping at the same retailer’s physical location
  • 98%: shoppers who said they would purchase again on Drizly from a retailer that they had already shopped on the platform
  • 75%: shoppers that have repeat-purchased through Drizly have done so from the same retailer

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