Study: Consumers worried about online privacy

The 2018 Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal caused lasting worries about user data: 74 percent of consumers surveyed said the Cambridge Analytica scandal made them concerned about how their information is used, according to text marketing platform SlickText.

  • Customers are scared away by poor privacy practices: 94 percent of consumers surveyed are unlikely to do business with a company if they have concerns about their privacy practices.
  • Consumers don’t like knowing they’re targeted by brands: 77 percent of consumers surveyed said when they notice online targeted ads it makes them uncomfortable.
  • Brands need to do a better job of finding communication channels: 80 percent of consumers surveyed said brands contact them in ways they find inappropriate.
  • Watch those unsubscribes: 52 percent of those surveyed said in the last year concerns about privacy have motivated them to unsubscribe from email newsletters.

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