Facebook this month will add a feature to its app and website that lets users see how their contact information is used for ad targeting. Read more…

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Happy Birthday, Facebook! 15 years today — and what a rollercoaster it has been. We created a friendship anniversary video for Mark Zuckerberg to mark the day.

Verizon Communications Inc. cut the value of its AOL and Yahoo acquisitions by $4.6 billion in a public filing.

The write-down is another indication of heavy competition in digital advertising, which is dominated by Google and Facebook.

The move erased about half of the value of Oath, Verizon’s content business.

Oath’s brands include: AOL, Yahoo, HuffPost, TechCrunch, Flurry, Tumblr, Engadget, Autoblog, Makers, Kanvas, Build, Ryot and MSN.

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Facebook’s yearly revenue growth fell dramatically to 16 percent in the third quarter, according to researcher Standard Media Index.  Its data include ad revenue from national marketers, not local advertisers and small- to medium-sized businesses.

“Facebook’s growth from national marketers is slowing, indicating that major brands are concerned with recent events there and are focusing on brand-safe environments,” James Fennessy, SMI CEO, said in a statement. “National marketers don’t have the same issues with platforms like Roku as we saw their revenues jump by 67 percent in Q3, albeit from a much smaller base.”

The overall digital market rose 14 percent in the third quarter from a year earlier, according to SMI.

Facebook’s ad revenue from national marketers was up 25 percent for the January to October period from a year earlier.

During that same timeframe (January to October) in 2017, Facebook grew ad revenue from national marketers by 41 percent from the prior year.

Facebook has maintained double-digit growth in ad revenue from national marketers. The growth rate has slowed each quarter in 2018. The overall digital market was up 14% YoY in Q3.

2018 Quarter

Yr. Change







Source: Standard Media Index

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Almost three-fourths (71 percent) of marketers said evaluating the effectiveness of digital media investment has become more difficult in recent years, particularly in India and China, according to programmatic media platform Xaxis. In addition, 86 percent of marketers plan in the next one to two years to boost spending on “outcome-driven media,” which describes advertising whose effects can be precisely tracked by measurements such as cost per in-target reach, in-store footfall, cost per incremental site visitor or cost per sale.

Source: Xaxis

Source: Xaxis