Study: Industries with the highest employee turnover

Technology companies that develop software, not hardware, had the highest employee turnover rate last year at 13.2 percent, according to a study by business-networking site LinkedIn.

The company evaluated turnover using job changes indicated by its users.

In the software industry, companies with the highest turnover rates were: computer games (15.5 percent), internet (14.9 percent), computer software (13.3 percent), IT and services (13 percent) and e-learning (11.6 percent).

The occupations in the software industry with the highest turnover were: user experience and designer (23.3 percent), data analyst (21.7 percent) and embedded software engineer (21.7 percent).

In the media and entertainment industries, companies with the highest turnover rates were: newspapers (13.3 percent), online media (13.2 percent), sports (13.2 percent), travel and tourism (13 percent) and motion picture and film (13 percent).

The occupations in the media and entertainment industries were: animator (25.6 percent), 3D artist (22.3 percent) and marketing specialist (19.8 percent). Most people who leave media and entertainment companies also leave the industry. Only 36 percent of job changers leave for another media and entertainment company. A big reason for turnover is the industry’s project-focused nature.

Source: LinkedIn

Source: LinkedIn


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