Instagram-influenced purchases rose 91% in 2018 from a year earlier, but Facebook is the market leader, influencing 6x more purchases in 2018, according to adtech firm StitcherAds.

  • Retailers spent 47% more on Facebook & Instagram holiday campaigns in 2018 from the prior year.
  • Retailers saw a 14% increase in Facebook-attributed in-store sales from a year earlier.
  • Over the holiday season, 2.7x more purchases occurred on mobile devices vs. desktop.
  • Cost per click declined about 10% from a year earlier.
  • CPM fell 17% from a year earlier.

Higher levels of screen time among toddlers were associated with slower mental development, according to a study cited by JAMA Pediatrics.

About 98% of U.S. children ages 0 to 8 years live in a home with an internet-connected device and spend more than two hours a day on average looking at screens, according to Common Sense Media.

Children who observe screens without an interactive or physical component are more sedentary and aren’t practicing gross motor skills, such as walking and running. Screens can also disrupt interactions with caregivers by limiting opportunities for verbal and nonverbal social exchanges, which are essential for fostering optimal growth and development.

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CBS is selling 30-second commercials for $5.1 million to $5.3 million, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the matter. The price is little changed from last year, when Comcast NBC sold ads for $5.24 million, according to researcher Kantar Media. The Super Bowl audience peaked in 2015, but the game is the most-watched TV event of the year. Last year’s audience fell to a nine-year low of 103.4 million viewers, but the game is still the biggest showcase for national ad campaigns.

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Super Bowl: Time Period Super Bowl: Avg Price NFL Regular Season: Time Period NFL Regular Season: Avg Price SB Ratio vs Reg Season
Feb 2008 $2,700 Sep-Dec 2007 $286 9.4
Feb 2009 $3,000 Sep-Dec 2008 $313 9.6
Feb 2010 $2,974 Sep-Dec 2009 $325 9.2
Feb 2011 $3,100 Sep-Dec 2010 $359 8.6
Feb 2012 $3,500 Sep-Dec 2011 $384 9.1
Feb 2013 $4,000 Sep-Dec 2012 $423 9.5
Feb 2014 $4,200 Sep-Dec 2013 $456 9.2
Feb 2015 $4,400 Sep-Dec 2014 $487 9.0
Feb 2016 $4,800 Sep-Dec 2015 $522 9.2
Feb 2017 $5,050 Sep-Dec 2016 $550 9.2
Feb 2018 $5,235 Sep-Dec 2017 $625 8.4